Disinformation is anti-democratic.
Disinformation is anti-ethical.
Disinformation should be punishable.









Disinformation = Misinformation = Fake News

Disinformation should be monitored and exorcized.

We are presently in a cultural-political war and disinformation is now clearly a social cancer spreading out like a plague in many facets of society. It encompasses all other concepts of equivalent meaning, such as misinformation, narrative,  fake news, and so on. Disinformation is something you say and disseminate to deceive the reader or listener into believing something that you clearly know may not be truthful. Disinformation is a refined lie, so much so that even the person who says it might come to believe in it. He will not feel abashed to stick to it to the bitter end. Disinformation works as a tool in the cold war in the past.

That is why it is so hard to combat disinformation. It is almost like trying to dissuade someone from believing in witches. After all, they do exist, don’t they?

To paraphrase Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-80), disinformation is what other people practice, whereas you always feign saying and disseminating clear and truthful information. That’s the first conclusion anyone could have from reading news and stories in the media from any country. Trump and the Republicans commit disinformation, say Biden and the Democrats, and vice-versa. That’s disgusting and anti-ethical, and yet, it just goes unabatedly.

On this website, we will be keen on pointing a finger at disinformation, no matter where it comes from. And we will welcome comments and observations on this matter. Fight against disinformation is the rightful way of trying to make the record straight and help create a healthy environment for dialogue and democracy.


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